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To all the people who have supported this page since 2009 I thank you! Now it is time for a new chapter in the UFOchick saga.

Almost every email I receive is from someone who is alone. The things we go through and the bizarre reality to come to understand is real damages relationships and makes it difficult to start new ones.

I have organized and am working on finishing up a place for us to meet. A private place with forums, your input(news, personal pages, comments etc) and private profiles for everyone.

This is a place where we can get to know new people, talk about what has happened to us and what we want in the future and for those who are single maybe find that special person to share our hearts with.

The plans are to have it all up and have individual passwords and profiles ready by June 1st 2014.

So please if you have enjoyed the info here give it shot. There is no cost. The sign up form is below. As soon as we have enough people signed up we will be live and on air so to speak.

It's time for us to have a place with no trolls and complete privacy to share the somewhat hidden parts of our lives.

I can't wait to meet you!

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Sleep Paralysis and Breaking the Hold

More and more people are experiencing what is sometimes called sleep paralysis. I have covered this topic within others but with the thinning of the veil I believe it needs it's own article.

Sleep paralysis happens when the physical body is frozen in place after waking from sleep. Physically it has a purpose, it is the function of our body that keeps us still while we dream. Otherwise we would be acting out our dreams in a physical way during each REM sleep period and injuring ourselves in the process. 

SP  occurs when we have left the dream state and are lucid and awake but unable to move. Why this happens can be as simple as a natural function of the body not releasing us quickly enough or it can be as complicated as an attack from another realm.

Many times during SP we will feel, hear, smell, taste or see things that we would not experience during normal waking moments. Violence, sexual assaults and mythical creatures or aliens appearing are common. Are these experiences "real"? Yes many are. the physical evidence many times backs up the experiencer's story. Most reports of these occurrences are reported as frightening or disturbing. Are they all this way? There is no way to know. It may well be that pleasant experiences  happen during this period as well but either they do not leave enough of an impression for people to notice them, they are considered part of a dream or people see no reason to report or discuss them.

Over the years I have heard a of many ways to break a "negative" SP. Calling out to a Deity, praying, using a mantra or bringing the body slowly back under control by moving one body part like a finger are the most common. But none of these seem to work for everyone. The reason they work intermittently is because in some cases the person was summoning righteous anger without realizing it. It was this emotion that would have broken the hold.

My own discovery of the way to break the freeze or hold of SP came instinctively.  My first reaction was to assume (right or wrong at that point in time) that something was holding me frozen and I immediately went into righteous anger thinking "How DARE you hold me down!". My reward for this reaction was instantaneously I could move freely.

In our dreams we experience a large range of emotions however righteous anger seems to be quite rare in the non-lucid dream state. When it does happen in a pure form in our dreams we wake.  

Righteous anger only comes from lucidity. When we summon it our body immediately realized we are no longer sleeping or dreaming and we are released from our own protective mechanism. Instantly.

From my own experiences with the reptilians and different types of what are commonly called greys I have come to the conclusion that when they need to control us they have learned to use SP and our own body's defense mechanism to do so.

Being held frozen is a common theme reported by abductees and contactees. Fear usually accompanies this "freeze" however fear will NOT tell our body we are no longer asleep. If this was so nightmares would never happen we would wake as they began. When used by non-human entities SP is quite effective in holding us still for whatever purpose they intend.

Summoning RIGHTEOUS anger however will break this hold every time. To break the freeze instantly fear must be banished and you must have the feeling and emotion that says; "You have no right to hold me, I am a free and sentient Being". The "How dare you!" attitude serves us well in this situation.

It does not matter if the SP is an attack, a natural physical occurrence or something in between, pure righteous anger will break it. If it does not then there is still too much fear in the emotion.

So the next time you wake and cannot move assume you are being held and simply get indignant about it. The break will be fast and simple and control will be returned instantly. In the case where you are being held by an ET or ID be prepared for a shocked reaction when you simply begin to move. :)

For those who have suffered through the "Hold" once or many times there is a great power in knowing it will never happen again. So practice summoning righteous anger, be ready to summon it and use it as a weapon, an effective weapon. Like I say at the end of many of my articles. It's time to take our power back!




Changing Realities

What is reality? It's rather like asking what is time. Reality is different for each person, it's our own personal interpretation of the world as experienced through our senses and past experiences.
Much of our reality is formed in childhood. The infant who is smacked when they cry will always have a different reality from one who is picked up and loved and fed when they cry. A person living a very simple life in a hut in Africa has a completely different reality than a person in a New York penthouse. We each help create and maintain the continuity of the micro-reality we exist in.
Our personal reality blends with all others and creates the total reality in which we exist. Over and over I have seen people accomplish things that were considered impossible because the person doing the accomplishing did NOT know they were impossible. We can create and overide what is possible when our minds are free of limitations. The child that levitates to catch the baseball, the woman who lifts the car off the child without thinking about how heavy it is and spontaneous purposeful healings are examples of this.
So how does our matrix/world/existence here expand and change? We change the realities of our world little by little, thought by thought, expanding or contracting them from our own micro-reality to the world reality.  We believe most of the rules of this place are set, literally in stone, but are they? Technology can change our world by creating new possible future realities and timelines by introducing ideas into our matrix.
Can something exist if it has not been thought of yet? Aside from the base program of this game we live in the answer is no. AI could not have existed in the human reality base 200 years ago unless introduced to our thoughts from an outside source. What we can do is create tiny steps. One tiny step at a time, up one small stair we go as a race, we then look around assimilate that change and take one more tiny step.
The big jumps up until now have been very limited. There was no way to spread a change in reality to the masses which is what is needed to allow it to occur. Then came the internet. Now anything can be introduced, accepted and the manifesting of it can begin within days.
So what does all this have to do with the topics I usually write about? Everything.
Most people reading this have experienced something within the mass reality but something that is only experienced by a very few. Entities, glitches, lost time, physical changes; Most all of what we have experienced has been in the collective reality since the beginning of man.
These experiences began when humans began ingesting in some way herbs and plants to access other realities. The few who experienced the phenomena have shared with others and introduced these things into the collective reality slowly over a millennia and by doing so they allowed other people to recognize and verify their own experiences.
In the last few years our reality has expanded in many ways. The internet allows us to access the reality of how other people in the world live and think. Communication across continents is the norm. Video games allow people become a part of a different reality as well.
Lately however technology has grown exponentially. The introduction of virtual reality and 3D to the masses is changing our reality. What once could only be read about and imagined now can be almost fully experienced. As our brains zoom in completely on the big screen at the movie theatre and the 3D effects begin our physical bodies react as if this is reality.
When the hero runs at us we duck and yell, when the bees head right for us we tense or jump. Only by consciously making our bodies stop reacting to the visual stimulus can we not respond to the new reality.
As our brains and bodies are accepting the data and stimulus from the screen and speakers the reality of what is happening during that movie is added to the thought matrix. No it's not real, but for a brief time our brains and bodies accept it as real thus opening up the possibility for what we are experiencing to manifest in this matrix we live in.
Riiiiiight... you are thinking... so now all the crap in movies is going to become real. Godzilla is going to grab the blond chick and Spiderman is going to save the world. No that's not what I am saying, what I am trying to get across is the media is making changes to our reality and matrix possible through accessing our collective reality.
As we experience these things from 3D and VR we are being groomed to accept them if we experience them in the real world. The basic themes are being repeated to us over and over. Invasions, catastrophies and infections in other words (excuse the world) the shit hitting the fan. Our brains record these computer generated experiences as real. This changes the possible reality for our world. As we accept the possibility of these themes it impacts and begins to shift the matrix programing.
As we absorb these things we increase the probability of them manifesting in our reality. As millions of people accept the reality of underworld creatures being set loose, demons appearing to possess our bodies, major world wars occurring, asteroids and other catastrophes happening on our planet and so many other scenarios we are opening ourselves to these possibilities.
Yes, it's a jump. I get that, but have you been to a 3D movie? have you used a virtual reality machine? if not don't judge until you have experienced at least one of these.
A very long time ago the Bible and other religious books introduced the possibilities of Demons/Jins and other creatures of the dark. Now almost everyone in the world accepts that the reality of these Beings are a possibility, maybe a tiny possibility but a possibility. In the past the underworld creatures, whatever you wish to call them, demons, reptilians or something else have been trapped in the underworlds of lower vibration. But as our world's vibration has been lowered it has allowed more of these Beings to exist here without the constant support of negative and destructive magic.
The veil between all the worlds that intersect with ours has been purposefully weakened or is naturally weakening. Within the last months the veil to the underworld has been  purposefully opened  wider than ever before, a door has appeared. There are those fighting to keep it closed. The psychopaths, many of whom are our world leaders want this door opened and opened wide, they want the veil lifted. They have had control of the masses for a very long time but feel that commanding this world and the underworld would be the ultimate in power. What they do not understand is that it will mean their destruction as well.
So when you go to a 3D or imax movie or play that violent zombie video game be sure to remind yourself many many times that this is not the reality you wish to create for yourself, your family and our world. Spend some time manifesting the world you wish to live in, add it to the collective reality. Don't let technology use us to change this world into a living hell you would not want any part of. Be aware pay attention and don't allow yourself to be pulled into this game. Stand up, Use your power don't let it be used! 

All the Hate!

As the veil thins the polarities are becoming stronger. The anger is increasing, the blame is epidemic and the hostility obvious. The key to the human race surviving and growing and evolving into what we can be is to tend to our own souls first.
Granted it is much easier to scream, yell complain and blame the world around us for our own lives. But we can control nothing but ourselves. At this moment there are hundreds of thousands of people  some realizing it other oblivious who are being paid to seed humanity's discord. The labels, the accusations the desensitization to hate and violence through all forms of media, the internet fighting, the personal accusations and our hateful retaliations to what we see as insults all come from one place. The service to self agenda.
The message is;  "Don't work on yourself, fix your life, raise your vibration, instead HATE all the stupid bastards who are ruining this world, they are at fault, look over there! See that ass? He is your problem! and whatever you do don't look inside and see if you are who you want to be!"
The message we should be getting is; "Look deep inside, is the legacy you are creating one that will help this earth change into one in which money is not even needed because people share freely? Are you proud of everything you have put out? On the internet, in real life? Are you looking for the good in others and rewarding them with positive words or kind energy? Is your life, your own words, your choices and behavior, are all these things you can be proud of? If everything were recorded and given to your children and those you love would they be inspired and proud? or disappointed and confused?" Look inside for blame before you look outside.
We all want the same things. Enough to eat, shelter, freedom from fear, control of our own lives and we need to give and receive love. Our world needs to reach a place where every baby born is born into a world that gives freely of these things. Anger, blame and hostility will not take us to this future. Follow the love in your soul. It is not a weak position, it is our true self coming out.

How religion effects our interactions with negative/service to self entities

I constantly get the question; Does calling out with prayer or my God's name protect me from negative entities? The answer is yes and no.  What defines the result of our interactions with negative entities is our own vibrational state. 

When dealing with negative entities religion does not help, praying and demanding that a God help you does not work. Negative entities see below the programming to what we are as energy. 

To access us we must be on the same vibration as our attacker (except for the few attacks that are technology related a different topic). Think of it as AC or DC power. Most people have a fluctuating vibration we can be both AC or DC. Some people are always one or the other. 

See the service to self or negatives as battery powered and the service to others or plug ins and source powered. For negative entities to actually effect us (besides a token scare) we must be on battery energy. 

If religion keeps a person using the energy form source (plug in) then it helps. But many many people have this energy without organized religion or a certain belief system. 

When people call out to their God or religious figure one of 4 things happens. Either the person is already running on plug in (source) power, their vibration is already high and the negative entity can't really do much so the experience is over quickly, the person is running on battery energy (low vibration) and by their belief in their religion or God it temporarily raises this vibration and blocks the negative entity or the person is in a negative or battery state and the request for religious intervention does nothing and the harassment continues. 

This is why there are reports of calling out to one's God of choice sometimes works. It has to do with the energy that the person is putting out. A negative entity can appear to anyone, what is effected by our vibrational rate is the ability of this negative to actually effect in some way the person chosen. 

Many many people are attacked. But only the ones with a low vibratory rate can be used AS a battery. The negatives can match the a person's negative energy field easily and use them as a power source or even effect them physically and or emotionally. 

 So does Christianity "effect" negative entities? the answer is no. What does effect these entities is the effect the religious belief has on the individual's energy vibration.

There is an article below about how to raise your vibration and how to learn to keep it high. This can be done with or without spiritual or religious belief systems. As always we are in charge of our own experiences.

The Veil, the Door and the Underworld

Between our  dimension and the others is a veil of sorts. For thousands of years people have found through personal spiritual exploration that there are many other worlds that intersect ours.

There is the world of the fae, the world of those passed on, the world of dreams,  the astral planes and the underworlds just to name a few of them. 

Between each of these worlds is a veil. These veils vary. Some are thick some are thin, some are natural some are created and  some are protected.

Each veil has a different purpose and energy. A person may be able to see through one type of veil and a tiny few throughout history have been able to actually cross through a veil to another world. This happens when a person's energy is tuned to a very similar vibration or frequency that matches that of the veil and or world.

One of the most written about worlds protected by a veil has many names. It has been called the underworld, netherworld, hell and many more. Even our current media depicts the ghoulish creatures which come from such a place. The Lord of the Rings movies are a classic example.

This underworld is one of what most people would call evil. Entities and Beings from this realm are with us today. They have been able to cross the through the veil because of summoning and creation during ritual black magick (magick in which the intent is service to self). In the past it has not been possible for entities trapped in the underworld to cross into our world using only will. Someone from our world had to summon these Creatures in order for them to cross over.

In the last few years all of the veils have been thinning. To those like myself who are able to feel these veils it is obvious. The other proof of this thinning is in the number of people who are experiencing odd things. Items appearing and disappearing, dreamlike spectors visiting in the night, voices being heard just out of range and thousands of other interactions with other worlds. In the worlds whose energy is close to our own Entites are obviously now able to cross over or at least access our world. 

There is a group here in our reality whose goal for a very long time has been to open a door in the veil to the underworld. Those in charge are convinced that if this door is opened it will give them supreme power over mankind. Their goal has been to lower this worlds vibration enough that the Entities from the underworld can exist here and they have reached that goal. Chemical poisoning through food, water and air, social poisoning through anger intolerance and hate and the absolute belief pushed onto people through religion that there is a hell and the evil Creatures of the underworld exist amongst us have all worked. 

Several weeks ago a door was opened to the underworld. Many of us including Mk-ultras, contactees, empaths and psychics have felt this. There has been a shift in energy. Many are reporting new and accelerated attacks. 

What does this mean for us? The ones who wish for this world to be free and light filled and full of joy? It means we must stand up and be counted.  It means we must keep our vibration high, we must go out in the world and spread kindness and tolerance. We must not react with hate or fear when under attack. We must find our inner strength and project our own light into the world.

There is no longer time for any of us to be on the fence. As I have told so many of you through email it is time to make the ultimate soul decision. Are you service to others or service to self? Are you of the light or of the dark? If that absolute choice has been made do your actions, thoughts and words reflect that choice? Are you projecting to the world what that choice is? If I asked a friend of your what your orientation is would they know without thinking about it?

To keep that now revolving door shut it will take all of us working together . No more infighting, no more allowing ego to find insults in truth, no more trying to control those around us instead of controlling ourselves.

It's time to make the hard choices, be the very most you can be, never back down from evil in any form, stop being a victim and allowing past events to traumatize you in the now,  summon the righteous anger and lose the fear.


It will take all of us to keep the light in this world. Shine yours brightly with the rest of us, it takes billions of tiny beams of light to illuminate the world stay bright and shine with us. The Light welcomes you.



So you've had an experience, now what?

With the number of people who are experiencing things on the increase it's time to explain the two basic forms of interdimensional entities and how they should be catagorized.

(A note is needed here. This is not about the human element. There are humans who are interacting with many people with extremely high tech devices but this is a different category. I suggest doing some research on mylabs/milabs if you feel this is what is happening.  )

There are an unlimited number of possible interactions that a person can have with sentient life that is not human. Disincarnate spirits, interdimensional species, extra terrestrials, created life forms, succubus type beings, Beings from other astral realms and the list goes on and on.

The biggest question for all of us when we intercept the unknown is WHO or WHAT was that? Most of the time that is question that we will never know the answer to.

What we can do is understand that there are two classifications that include all of the above. The first is the disincarnate spirit, created astral life forms, and others who work primarily alone. These types have little actually power and no technology. They may attack, may drain energy and may attempt to harass a person but they are dependent on the area and the person who they are attacking for their energy source.

These type of Beings are effected by our energy. In an earlier article I discussed vibration. Having a high vibrational rate can stop these Beings from gaining access. Staying in a state of kindness, gratefulness and tolerance and holding zero fear raising your vibration to a point where they cannot access your energy directly. Spreading this higher energy through your home will make it uncomfortable for them to be there.

Righteous anger is also a needed component. However you never want to send energy directly to these Beings. You want to surround them with energy that is uncomfortable to them, not feed them. Homes filled with laughter, contentment and love are not places these negative Beings will want to be.

Years ago (actually about 28 years) I had my first experience with an entity of this type. We lived in an old 3 story walk -up apartment. It was the long skinny type with one bedroom at the back and an enclosed sunroom at the front overlooking the street. The order of rooms from front to back was sunroom, living room, dinning room, small hall and bath and then the bedroom. At the time our daughter was about 3 and had her room set up in the sunroom.

It was the middle of the night, somewhere around 3 am when I woke from a sound sleep to the sound of our daughter screaming like she was being murdered. My husband and I both jumped from bed and went running towards her. As I hit the dinning room with my husband right behind me I stopped dead in my tracks.

At first I thought the apartment was on fire. The whole dinning room and much of the living was filled with a black smoke or fog. It was so dense we could barely see through it to the living room.

It was evil, horrible, nasty, malevolent energy radiated from it. It was also freezing cold and moving around, a bit like drifting fog. Our daughter had stopped screaming and was crying just loudly enough that I could hear her.

I knew this thing was evil, I knew it needed to leave and I instinctively knew it would absorb any negative energy or typical attack. So after a moments thought I walked out into what I believed was the middle of it. (Hubby was standing there with his mouth open absolutely astonished).

I folded my arms like I was holding my daughter when she was just born and filled the room with the pure innocent love you give to child. I closed my eyes and expanded that love all through the apartment.

After what seemed like a LONG time (but was I am sure way under a minute) the Thing condensed itself into a small, black misty ball about 3-5 feet across and  with one point of the circle leading the rest like a comet fled out the window that was open about 8 inches.  

Obviously we them tended to the frightened child bringing her back to bed with us.

As I look back if I had gone into fear or tried to attack I think it would have fed on that energy and grown, perhaps growing strong enough to do physical harm.

This is how we must deal with these unknown entities that chose for whatever reason to harass us. No matter what do not feed this type of Being with negative energy or fear, do not attack and do NOT engage them in any way. With the succubus reports on the rise I must add no matter how tempting do not think you can interact sexually with these Creatures and then banish them. Once you have chosen interaction it gives them more control and they will be VERY difficult to be rid of.

This type of Entity cannot use a "freeze" on us. They do not have the technology to use our own bodies against us. Now this does not mean that you may not be frozen in terror, there is a big difference. but if you are actually frozen and unable to move anything but your eyes it is not one of this type of Being.

The second type of Beings are ones who come from a group or perhaps what we might call a civilization. They are technologically advance beyond what we understand and may intrude into our lives for many different reasons. There are many different types of these Beings also. There are ones who reside and have entire cities in another dimension, plane or astral level and there are ones who come from other areas of space. It is presented by many that some of these Beings may be native to earth, that is possible.  

These are the Beings who can and do "freeze" people. There are both malevolent and kind groups.  When dealing with these the approach is the same. If they are positive or negative you always want to carry your vibration high, stay out of fear and avoid feeding them energy of any kind. These types of Beings contrary to the movies rarely do anything harmful but they can do scare people badly. Once you stop being afraid their fun is gone and they leave.

To break a "freeze" you need to shift to righteous anger. I still get mail about breaking this freeze telling me that the way to break this is to pray or call out to God. This may work but it works because the person calling has enough faith that their brainwaves are shifted into the righteous anger.  The "My God will not allow this" attitude.

When we are frozen by our own bodies in sleep it is a completely natural thing, it is a protection against harming our physical bodies in the midst of a dream. If we are fighting a Tiger in our dream we may do ourselves harm before we wake acting out that fight. Fear will not break that freeze, fear seems to actually hold the freeze. Righteous anger on the other hand if used against an Entity or used within a dream will allow movement and waking if asleep.

Once this freeze is broken do NOT let fear creep in. I suggest sitting up and turning on the light and simple assessing the situation. Many times once a person learns to break the freeze instantly either the visits and frightening events stop or the perpetrators are more careful about their timing and do a better job of removing our memories.

Another option is to remain frozen and observe. See what is going on. Try to figure out if the Being(s) are helping or harming. If you decide you do not like what is happening then break the freeze.

As I have stated before we are so programmed to be fearful of any unknown that terror pops in immediately.   Control of this terror is needed if you are to have any control over the situations at all.

The bad news about the second kind of Being is that they have  technology that we have no defense against.  I have said it is the same as trying to stop a bullet headed for your chest with a bare hand to try and stop them with a higher vibrational rate.

The only option I have found (and it worked for me) is to ask for intervention from similar Beings and that leads us to the next section of this article.


Service to others =STO and service to self =STS. These are pretty self evident definitions. A person is STO if he thinks of others before himself most of the time and service to self if most choices are based on self gains.

All sentient life may be divided into these if we include an undecided category. those undecided category is for those people/entities who bounce back and forth between the two. In humans this is quite common. For Beings in other dimensions not 3d it is less common. This world is a place among others set up for souls to make this choice of their own orientation.  This choice will decide the future of the soul.

There are both types visiting the earth right now. What is not common knowledge is that when a person requests, or wishes or prays for intervention without being specific they are opening themselves up for intervention based on their own STO or STS orientation. Or for those who address their plea to the cosmos leaving it open to all this is an invite for STS Beings to make contact. I made this mistake myself.

It is not the words but the intent that is recognized when we make this request. For most all a prayer is directed towards God or angels or any other "helpers" that might be around and wish to intervene. If the person is STS or even leaning this way this call for help may be answered by an STS Entity.

In this way we ask for malevolent entities to interact with us without even realizing it. When this happens there are certain things that can be done to reverse this. First the person who has attracted the STS Entities must make the choice to become STO.  Some can do this and others cannot, sometimes the soul has chosen and that will not  change,  but for those who are undecided it is certainly possible.

It is a matter of choosing which you are in your heart and your soul. Once this is decided and you have chosen to be part of Light  you may request help. However do not make the same mistake. each time you request anything in any form from God, your higher self, your guide, angels anyone you need to specify in your heart that you wish only to deal with service to others oriented life forms.

They are the ones who can stop the harassments from the STS types. We cannot control or fight off the technology used by advanced sentient life forms. but if we go by the rules fixing ourselves first and making the important choices there is help out there.

Remember it is what is in your heart and your true intent that matters not the words you say or think.  We are like tiny children against these advanced Beings and we need help and guidance if we have inadvertently called out to the wrong orientation.

So be careful what you wish for, if you wish to interact with other dimensional Beings then be specific. If you are being harassed by a single entity raise your vibration, stay away from fear, do not feed them and use laughter and righteous anger. If you have drawn the attention of STS Entities use the same steps, be sure of your orientation and ask specifically for help until it arrives.

Fear Fear and more Fear!!! NOOOOO!

I have been receiving  email after email, private message after private message all with stories about the Ghost, Demon, Shadow Man, Entity, Devil, Blob who showed up one night or day or even many times! Sometimes they just hover above people. other times they seem to grab at the throat or crush the person. Sometimes it's just eyes hovering over the bed.

In every single case the person contacting me is frightened. Is there really cause to be? Maybe. Will being afraid help in any way? Nope. Are there things each person should know and be able to do in case this repeats itself or happens for the first time? Yes.

Let's start at the beginning. When we were children the indoctrination began. For those of us who are older it was through the television and books. My big introductions into fear were with the books "Carrie" and the "Exorcist". Now those books are considered tame and silly. But in that era they were truly frightening. Now the amount of horror and gore put in front of the average child is astounding.

What does this have to do with the thing that "attacked" you last night? EVERYTHING my friend.  We as humans learn how to react to things based on past experience. When we touch something hot we jerk our hand away. When we wish to obtain something from our parents we learn to say please. But how about the situations where we have a choice in how to react? The bully on the playground perhaps? Our reaction will be based on our past experience, how we have been told to react or how we have seen other people react.

We have been taught to react to anything unknown with fear or even terror. That reaction is a choice.

Most people have not encountered a lot of "things" encompassed under the title of paranormal or occult. Even the words can be frightening to those who have been reared in religious doctrine. So when we encounter something above and beyond, something outside of our own experiences how do we react? We react as we have been shown to by the books, movies, youtube videos and video games.

Either with violence (quite rare) or with fear. Think about it. In the movies the screaming girl ends up dead, the ghost apparition always wins, the reaction in each instance is be horribly frightened. We have been taught there is danger in the unknown. Sometimes there is but just as many times there is not. When we have not encountered something and we have no past experiences to pull from we react in the way we have been shown to react, correct or not. We have been programmed. 

Fear has it's place, it releases adrenaline allowing us to run a bit faster and react more quickly. It has it's place in the normal mundane world of speeding traffic and scary dogs on the loose. It has NO place when dealing with things not normally in the human reality.

In order to deal with things that show up and go bump in the night, thought, rational thought is our friend. Panic is not, fear is not, fight or flight instinct is not.

In most of the correspondence or readings people contact me because they have a problem. Sometimes the problem is one of love or physical issues but lately most all of the contact has been about the "Thing" on the bed, on them or in the room. 

There are a zillion different things that the apparition/entity/being could be. It will be foremost in your mind to figure out who and what the thing is that is invading your space but first you have to deal with the situation as it is happening. Who or what can wait for later.

So when the visitor shows up it does not matter what form it is in. It may appear as almost anything. What does matter  is how you react and deal with the situation.

So here are the steps to dealing with the situation.

1) Realize ahead of time that this may happen to you (or happen again) at some point in your life and your reactions to it happening are a choice. This is an important one, really think it through. Imagine the situation or relive it. Picture yourself being calm and thinking things through.

2) If you have been asleep take a second or so to wake up and get control of yourself. You cannot control the situation if you are not in control of yourself.

3) Assess the situation with logic. Are you being physically harmed? Something simply touching you or pulling on you is not harming you. You will feel as though you are in imminent danger even if you are not.  Keep control, assess.

4) If you find yourself unable to move then change your energy to righteous anger. Not violent anger  or childish anger. Righteous anger is the type of anger you feel when someone is done a terrible wrong or a puppy is being tortured. It is the anger that presents itself as "HOW DARE YOU!".  If this is not an emotion you are used to using then work on it a bit, be able to call it up at will. You want to be able to create righteous anger that says "HOW DARE YOU HOLD ME DOWN!". The "freeze" as it is commonly called should break immediately  as soon as your brain waves change to righteous anger.

5) If you are not being held in a "freeze" but feel pressure you now have a choice the same choice you have if you have just broken a "freeze". What do you want to do now?  Obviously if you are really being physically harmed you will exit the area looking for lights and people. However being physically harmed is quite rare in these cases.

6) Feel the area and the entity or entities. If you are not harboring fear, panic etc. you will be able to get a feeling. Most of the time it is a feeling of alarm, the fight or flight instinct has kicked in. Try to feel past the chemicals that have been released into your body. Is there really something evil here? or is it more neutral?

7) If you truly feel threatened then head for lights and people. The problem with this choice is that many times the experience will repeat itself in the future because you have not dealt with the situation or entities, you have simply stopped any interaction.

Take a moment and go to the side bar on the right of this page and look at the interactions chart. From personal experiences I have learned that not all interactions are an attack. They may feel like one but the outcomes can be very different. A healing interaction or a download or information requires the same type of interaction as an attack does.

At this point as always I tell people to write these experiences down, do a complete physical examination of yourself and if you have a black light check yourself with that also. Once the fight or flight response is gone, how do you feel? Aside from tired of course, you have been through quite an ordeal. The best way to feel if you can manage it is curious. Yes curious.

The first question we all ask ourselves is "Why?".  Why me? Why now? No one can answer that for you. If you are gifted in some way such as an empath or clairvoyant that may be the answer. Bloodliners are also a group that attracts attention from the interdimensional entities that go bump in the night.

The next questions you need to ask now that you have calmed down is "Am I harmed?" or "Am I in any way helped?".  By harmed I mean physically damaged in any way. By helped I mean a large number of things. Has any ailment been healed? I have had numerous healings happen, they do occur. Do you have any feelings about the encounter such as you have been given information but don't know what it is? Whatever the results of these questions are log them into your journal.

If you have decided this might have been  a neutral or even a positive experience. Then you will need to decide what if any changes you wish to make in the next encounter if there is one. Do you want to allow them to "freeze" you while you observe? Do you wish to communicate with them? Make requests?

The only warning about positive/neutral interaction is short and sweet. Be sure that if you address them you are specific with your words or directed thoughts.  I use the terms STO and STS, service to others and service to self. Be sure and specify when you address ANY Being(s) that you wish to interact only with STO Being(s). An example of STO communication might be. "To the STO Being(s) who are here I wish to communicate with you". If you simply say "To the beings who are here...." any STS Being may open a communication with you. Remember different dimensions can be layered in the same physical place so be specific and don't give any shagnasties (a friend's word) access to you or your space.

From then on what you choose to do with the interactions is your choice. I choose to bug the Beings who were visiting me until I established a communication. Decide what you want to happen then work towards it.

Ok now suppose the entities were not STO they were nasty little buggars. What now? There is a chance because you did not react with fear, perhaps broke the "freeze" and messed up what they were trying to accomplish that they will not be back.

But what if they do return? STS Entities are looking for something that you can do for them or give them. Many of them are looking for an energy source of some kind, maybe direct energy, maybe sexual energy. The only way to keep them from taking the energy they are after is to change your energy so that they no longer want it. Sour the milk so to speak.

There are many reasons the STS entities attack people. However several are the most common and cover most situations.

As I have mentioned people with psychic gifts and bloodliners are common targets. You may also have been chosen because you were simply there, in bed with or around a targeted person. The last reason is you have a low vibration.

A low vibration can be cause by many things. Now don't confuse vibration with energy itself. You can be full of energy and have a very low vibration or vibratory rate or vise versa. Vibration is about the type of energy you are carrying within your physical body, aura and etheric body.

The lower STS entities will be looking for a low vibration. They will be looking for other STS people to use. People who drink in excess, do illegal type drugs, indulge in porn, enjoy violent media and react with anger easily tend to have low vibrations. I know this is generalizing, however simply be honest with yourself. Are you indulging in "low" behaviors? There is a reason we call them low. Do you have a mememe attitude? People who have a low vibratory rate will know if they do if they will be honest with themselves.

The key for anyone who is being used or attacked by STS entities is to raise their vibration. This is very simple and very difficult at the same time.

All of us at one time or another have felt the pure type of love we are all capable of. It's the kind of love a parent feels for a newborn child, when you hold a much loved pet or look out onto a stunning sunset. It is peaceful, kind, tolerant and compassionate. It is the opposite of anger and hate.

Sit quietly and summon the high vibration ,feel the love and peace. Imagine your body is made up of tiny dots of gold energy all shimmering. As you summon the feelings see the energy shimmer faster and faster. This is your energy, you control it and it belongs to you. You can raise your vibration any time you wish it just takes practice.

At first you will have to summon the feelings and see the shimmer but as you get better you will simply be able to raise it at will.  If you continue to practice within a few weeks you will be able to raise your vibratory rate very high no matter what emotion you are feeling. When you can do this spend a bout 5 minutes before bed holding it as high as you can right before you sleep. Tell yourself you will hold the high rate all night and wake up with it. Soon this will be automatic.

When you hold this high vibration and the STS entities show up they cannot access you. Now at first especially if they have been using you in some way they may not like that the no longer have access.

I have had reports of some attacks. BUT they cannot access your energy directly. Poltergeist type behavior has been reported on occasion. More often the person being attacked will feel a few sharp pains but there is no real physical injury. The entities are using energy to poke at you.

What they are trying to do is get you to drop back into fear or anger, to lower that vibration so they can get back "in". The more love you send, the higher your vibration the more miserable it will be for them to be around you. Once they realize you are not going to shift back into usable, accessible energy for them to use or digest they will leave.

Raising you energy vibration will also detach any nasty STS Beings who have decided to ride-along with you or as some people call it (I don't like the term) possess you.

In closing you need to remember a few things. One, YOU are stronger than these entities. YOU are physical they are not. Two, YOU control the situation. YOU can decide if you are energetically accessible or not by taking control of your vibration.

So take control and lose the fear, decide what YOU want and take the steps to get it.

Love to all of you,


UPDATE: Wow great response from people. Thanks guys.  So far it's been by phone with a pic you send. So far everyone has been pleased. and I haven't come across anyone I can't read (that happens on rare occasions).  You pay me AFTER the consult so if you are unhappy it's a freebee.


It is with dread that I make this change in things however I have little choice. Normally I spend 6-8 hours a day dealing with email, helping people on phone and answering "help me" type PMs. This has taken the place of a job for several years.

I will still answer email as I always have however I am now going to answer the requests for consultations/readings by phone or skype. I will need a photo of you if it is a phone call, I will not need a full name or any other info.

After much thought I have decided a flat fee of $50.00 us (if you have plentiful money and would like to raise that amount please do), that is for however long the consult takes. Most phone conversations I have last 1-2 1/2 hours. Payment by paypal is prefered

Issues with greys, reptilians, interdimensionals, ghosts, portals, demons, sleep paralysis issues, dreams and many other occurances can be covered.  I do not do contact with the passed over, it's too iffy and I only get info about half the time. If you have any questions about what can be covered just contact me.

I am horribly sorry to do this however the light bill has to stay on and the rent paid. I  may be contacted at

Take care of you and yours,


NASA signed contract with Bigelow Aerospace

On Easter weekend in the early hours of the  morning Robert Bigelow announced on the radio program Coast to Coast AM that his company Bigelow Aerospace has signed a contract with NASA to exchange technology and to take over much of NASA's work and planning of building space stations and traveling out into our universe.

I would post the link to this show but each time it is posted it is promptly removed (unlike other coast to coast shows). I suggest everyone search youtube for coast to coast and try different variations for the date 3/31/2013 and listen to this interview.

This is one of the biggest announcements ever made. The privatization of the US space program will change everything about America's exploration of space and the interactions we have with ETs.

Mr Bigelow was well spoken and stated his person beliefs that ETs were absolutely real, he has no doubts. He went on to say that he feels that disclosure is not an option however "confirmation" is needed. Confirmation would mean that the establishment would release the fact that ETs and ships are here but would not disclose the details.

Confirmation would allow scientists and others to pursue the topic of ETs and the traveling devices they use without fear of being blacklisted.

The question I have is this; The announcement has been made so why does there seem to be an attempt to cover it up? Did Mr Bigelow jump the gun? Why announce this in the middle of the night on easter weekend?

That aside, hopefully Mr. Bigelow will be more forthcoming and honest with the general public than NASA has. Let us all hope this is a step towards information release on the whole topic of space exploration and disclosure... oops I mean confirmation.

What is going on?

What in the world is going on? In this age it's a damn good question. Nukes about to fired, guns about to be rounded up, geneic food choices forced upon us and money taken directly out of people's bank accounts just to name a few. The news is full of all the devistation that the media claims is about to descend on us.

It's a tactic to divert us from the real things that are happening. In the past I have talked about the veil thinning. It has been and it continues to. Most of the email I get now is about odd occurances, dreams, seeing the same numbers, experiences that are just barely out of the normal range for most people and way within the normal range for sensitives.

Reports of ships that are under intelligent control, ghosts, huge orbs and things going missing and then re-appearing have become the norm. Are any of these things new? NOPE!

What is happening is that more people are experiencing them. People who have never experienced anything occult (hidden) are now having these experiences. The veil IS thinning.

Contibuting to all of it is the mis-information campange that has been launched in the alternative news media. There are sites where mis-information is being purposefully put out to confuse the masses. Why?

If you want to know what something is about you take all the pieces and put them together and come up with an answer. But what if half of those pieces are made-up? Untrue? It poisons the true answers.

So how do we take all the events that are happening to people and come to a conclusion? Right now we can't.

So what facts do we know? Here is a list that I have put together. It contains things that I have experienced as well as those things experienced by several other people I trust.

Missing time; people are experiencing missing hours and or minutes and are seeing other disapear or reappear. There is no memory of the time lost.

Torshion Fields being used; time fields are being use where injuries are healed and or surgical procedures are being done and healed. The scars produced from this technic usually fade quickly and are gone in a matter of weeks. How this relates to missing time we don't know.

Etheric/Astral Bodies being pulled from people; this happens to many people who are aware that they are suddenly sick/weak but do not know why. Symptoms include SUDDEN dizziness, nausia, headache, intestinal cramps and cold sweats. The symptoms last from 30 minutes up to 6 hours. They leave as quickly as they arrived. What our astral bodies are doing during this time we do not know but injuries to the astral body upon it's return may well manifest in the physical body.

Objects appearing and disapearing; one minute it's there, the next it's gone. Or something simply shows up in your office, workplace or home. It's become quite common. So are things falling through from another reality? Are we switching timelines? Are we manifesting things?

Shadow people, Ghosts, Voices, etheric creatures appearing; there are so many different reports that it's very hard to catagorize these. People appear to suddenly for short periods of time to be able to experience things that were hidden before. My opinion is that these thigs have always been there and something has changed so we now perceive them. So what has changed? Us? the earth? the veil?

Dreams and Out of Body Experiences; the new epidemic. Much of my mail is about catastrophic dreams or dreams that seem "real" or spiritual in nature. College campuses seem to be full of these dreams. So are they being projected into the ether? Perhaps.

Seeing UFOs and Orbs; they are everywhere so it seems. So have they always been there? I don't think so. I think they are simply no longer bothering to cover themselves. With 80 percent of the population believing in alien visitations it's no wonder they are disregarding the need to cloak themselves.

Actual abductions are on the decrease according to reports. Why? another good question. Sightings are up, abductions are down.

The million dollar question is who is behind all these things? NO one knows. It could be the black ops, ETs, interdimensional ETs, astral Beings, or if you wish to give these same Beings different names Demons or Angels.

As long as everyone is arguing over WHO is behind the things that are happening we are not putting together correct and true information and coming up with conclusions.

So how do we put this all together? By borrowing the scientific methods that have been used for years. If you can get evidence. Take pictures, use a black light on yourself and the area around where you were, write the experience down right away, start that journal! Systematically go through your experience and record it. One of the ways to tell if the experience was originated outside of yourself is if the memory fades very quickly.

None of us and all of us are special. The experiences we have do not set us above or below anyone else. They simply "are". Trust yourself and accept them, analyze them, record them and think them through.

Lastly PLEASE do not run to the closest medium who promises to fix things for you for a certain price. These things are not "fixable" and are meant for you, that is why you allowed them, experienced them and remember them.

A time to Share

Purposefully throughout this blog I have tried not to involve my personal life and or whine too much. However the time has come.

Another attack on my physical body happened and is happening as I type. These have happened 4 times before in the last 2 months.

When the first happened I scraped up the cash (since the Proponents of the NWO agenda discovered who and what I was 2 1/2 years ago and laid off my husband we have had no medical coverage) and went to see my doctor. He did the few tests I could afford.  The Facts? I have had  heart attacks and there is no reason he can find for them.

Each time it's been in the evening, I can feel the electrical interference coming into the house. My husband suddenly feels unwell and tired and goes to bed but suffers no harmful effects other than that. I feel the energy follow me if I move about. My chest hurts horribly, I am dizzy and I begin to piss like a russian race horse (gotta keep the humor). My pulse goes from nothing for up to a minute to 150 BPM. These attacks last for hours and leave me quite weak for days afterwards.

When they hit I take some aspirin and pull out the stubborn will that has served me so well. I then ask the benevolent Beings who seem to watch over to help me, protect me, heal me and correct any damage done by the attack.

So far each one has passed. I hope this one does as well. I suppose if I disapear from the web I didn't make it. There are not funds to head to  the ER or the hospital. I will not finish us off financially with medical bills. It means the STS people win again.

So many of us have been lost, so many grey walkers gone, so many people true to the light have been removed. I will continue to fight no matter what, but I am tired people. Very tired. Tired of being financially attacked, tired of being physically attacked, tired of losing friends, tired of watching my family suffer because of what I do.

What do I want? Well money would be nice but I have learned the hard way that won't happen LOL.  (truth and humor that time) I want people to come out with their stories until there are so many blogs on all of the topics this blog covers that there is no stopping US!

I want a wave, a tital wave of humanity to stand up and say YES this shit has happened to me and I'm not afraid of it any more and here is my story. When there are more people "out" than "in" the ones who have been spared the crap WILL listen. They will have to.

Have a story? Write it. I will put it here, even leave your name out if you like. But we must be heard. We must not continue to be so small a group they can pick us off like flies with a fly swatter.  WE  matter our stories matter, the crap we have been through matters and the secrets on this planet MUST come out!

Join me....... Please.... All of us are needed.

A New Visitor


About a week ago I had what I believe was a completely new and different type of visitor.

The evening was completely mundane, visit with Hubby, play with the dogs do my modding chores on the Icke forum, just normal stuff.

My energy was high so I decided to do some positive energy work. It was about 11 pm. I raised my vibratory rate to an extreme state of STO, love, gratefulness, tolerance etc. I "powered up" then began to blanket the city I am in and outward for about 100 miles melding and spreading the energies and releasing STO energy to the earth and people.

When I had spread as far as I felt was effective I sent a huge column of light and energy up into the cosmos. It was maybe a half a block wide.  I have done this a few times before but never with the huge amount of power I was putting out.

When I sent the column up into the cosmos it was like I connected with something. It was an energy source, sentient, STO, quite pleasant. So I sent the positive energy to it for a minute or so then cut my energy off leaving the energy I had spread as I always do.

I went on to bed but could not sleep because as usual an energy attack started. So after an hour or so I got back up and went back into the kitchen and sat at the table facing the bay window, one of my favorite places.

I was checking the Icke forum when directly in front of me a verticle flash of light appeared. It was about 6 feet tall and it seemed to reach the floor. It was spere shaped with the top and bottom seeming to have almost a point while the center was thicker, and round like a long skinny christmas tree ornament.

It was there for a moment, flashed, then disapeared. I began looking where it had been which was right in front of my plants. The picture above  shows my plants, on one branch I have tied a piece of white paper.  As I took the picture just now the branch was a little lower than usual because the plant needs water (which I have given it). When this occured it was about 3 inches or a finger's length higher.

As I looked at where the flash of light has been, this one branch, ONLY this ONE branch was bobbing up and down. Every other branch was perfectly still!!. (At the time I thought this was very odd, later when trying to reproduce it I realized it is impossible. There is no way for one branch to move without the whole plant moving. I tried over and over to get the result of the one branch moving, nope)

This one branch was moving about a pinkie finger's length up and down and comtinued to bob up and down much longer than it should have.

Later as always I checked for any source that would make the one branch move, no insects on the plant, no heater blowing, no one walking through the house, pets at the other end of the house. I was about 7 feet away from the plant.

So I watched the branch bob up and down then began to glance around the room. Now the kitchen is about 12x16 feet including cabinets. Two doors, no cut outs in the walls for a bar or anything.

I could feel someone in the room and thought I could feel them moving about. The feeling was a good one, whoever it was  "felt" kind so I began to talk. I said hello and just carried on a one sided conversation .

I asked whoever to appear or talk to me, no response I could perceive. Then they came over to my left arm (I was still sitting at the table) and touched me! It was completely different than when an ID touchs me. The ID are like electrical current, if they touch you for too long it actually hurts a bit.

This was like the touch of another human. I watched the hair on my bare arm rise straight up, not like goosebumps but the hairs were pulled straight up like a magnet had grabbed them. My entire forearm was effected.

I then said hello again.  I thanked them for the touch, they felt kind. I mentally gave them permission to touch me in a non-sexual way. Whoever then began to touch my arms and legs and back. It actually was rather nice. It was like they were curious about my energy or body. I kept my vibration very high.

After about 30 minutes of all this I was very very tired, was that helped along? I don't know as I look back it seems weird I would just go to bed during an interaction. Anyway I made my way to bed, still feeling their touch on my back/neck and promptly went to sleep and slept like a rock all night which is very very rare. Usually I am up multiple times from electronic interference. The next night was great too no interference.

So who or what was this? Did someone pick up on my energy? My gift is melding energy and sharing it. I can calm a crowd or help people get along. Until recently I didn't realize that this was anything out of the ordinary. Miranda Kelly actually pointed it out to me when she visited and kinda chewed me out for not realizing that what I could do was different.

The simplest conclusion is that whatever I picked up on in the cosmos noticed the energy melding/speading I was doing and came down to investigate. Was it my fault I could not see them? perhaps. Did they try to communicate? Maybe. maybe it was my block preventing communication, maybe it was their choice.

More next week. I had another experience that was completely new last night.




Interdimensional Contact, How Does it Work and What is It?

For quite awhile now I have been speaking of interdimensional contact. So what is it? How does it work? How can you tell if it's happening to you? What does it look like?

First I need to quickly address some of the email I have been getting. Lately the veil or division between our dimension and the one around us that has been outside our range of senses has been weakening/changing/lessening. Why? I do not know. The emails I have been getting lately are all very similar. "This (fill in the blank) has been happening to me" or "I saw (this) was it real?" or "I dreamed (this) is it going to happen?".
It is time for people to begin to truly trust themselves. if you experienced something, yes it was real. It was your experience. Whatever you saw, heard, felt etc. was really there. What does it mean? It means the veil is thinning OR you are becoming more perceptive.
Dreams are dreams, some people have a history of dreaming of the probable future. I have done it a few times, had dreams that came true. If you have a history of being right then I suggest a dream log.  There is a huge differenc in the way a dream feels and the way astral travel or an out of body experience feels. Once you have had the later happen you will understand. if there isn't a huge difference then it was a dream.
Each of you hold your own answers, no one, including me knows why your experience happened  except for you. So look inside and trust yourself. Write things down, they tend to leave memory quickly and trust it was real, trust yourself.  Ask your higher self for more information. Just because it isn't in the reality of "normal" people does not mean it did not happen or you made it up. So look inside for answers you are the one who has yours.

What is interdimensional? It means something or someone that can intersect with multiple dimensions. There are many Beings who can see into multiple dimensions but there seem to be few who can interact with or effect other dimensions. Human intervention is usually needed for astral entities to enter "our" world.

There is at least one group of Beings who can and are interacting with us. they are just beyond the normal range of visable light.  Like when a radio station is just off the channel and you hear a few snippets of another station? That is how we can perceive them, as small snippets.

I discovered their "help" when I was being horribly harrassed by one or more Reptilian entities. They basically came to my rescue. That however is another story for another time.  I still have no way to say if these Beings are servcie to self or service to others. They have shown me compassion and kindess but they have also done things I have not liked. I see them I suppose as similar to greywalkers, they do what they feel needs to be done and their "heart" is in the right place.

Over the last 3 years I have seen indication that these Beings who I call the IDs are working on and interacting with many many people. lately I have confirmed three people I know have had considerable interaction. On the right I have some lists of things that people may eperience during contact. In the last few months my interaction has changed so it's time to give you some more information.
I know there are people who will not believe me and that is fine , I might not believe me either if I was not actually experiencing the things I have been. So for the nay sayers, I get it. For those who are experiencing weird physical things the information needs to be "out" so here is what is going in my world.
Deep in my blog somewhere there is information on how we are accessed. I think it should be repeatd at this point , it's to important to be burried.  So here you go.
 Think of a piece of paper on a table. Now lets pretend that this piece of paper is 2 dimensional or a flat unniverse. If we want to access it we can can take tiny  flat tools and reach into it and effect it. Now would our efforts be noticed? maybe but since our tools are "more" than the 2 dimensions they would only see part of them. So we reach in with our tiny tools and do whatever, but can WE jump into their dimension? Nope. We would have to completely change our form to do so.
That is what I think is happening to us. The IDs are effecting us and perhaps our enviroment with tools.
Now how do they do it so we do not see them or perceive it? By using a torsion field. Torsions fields are areas in which time is sped up or slowed down. At one point there was some research available on the web about this. It has disapeared for whatever reason (roll of the eyes needed here). the science said eventually we would use torsion fields to do many things; surgery, healing, growing food, even our refrigerators would have torsion fields so the food would not spoil for months.    

So let say the IDs who are reaching in and effecting us are using torsion fields. If it is in our reality now, as advanced as they are it makes perfect sense it would be something they would understand and use.  The one time I actually saw one of the IDs her hands and arms were moving so fast they were a blur. Her hands were also IN my stomach. yes IN.   They are using the torsion field to speed up time as they work on and heal us. This also explains how they can work on people while we are going about our daily business. to them we are moving so slowly we are almost holding still.  torshion fields also explain how missing time occurs, if not why.

Not long ago I woke one morning to find my 2 large surgical scars and any sign I had ever had surgery completely gone.  A few years ago I had to have an emergency apendectomy, it left some nasty scars, I scar easily. They were completely gone, disapeared, notta.  All I remember was my stomach itching during the night. That makes sense, the healing was accelarated so I was itchy.  So here is the latest on what is happening.

This last  weekend the work was very heavy and rather painful. I have been working on a book about energy and they had left me alone to write it. I assume they were playing catch up. Typically I feel them first moving around my legs. It is a feeling of gentle movement similar to air flow. Sometimes I feel it in other areas. many times there is a sharp pain like an IV going in or a deep pain as if bone is being effected somehow.  Usually if I ask mentally or verbally for pain relief it will occur as a rush.  Sometimes they will work on muscles other times areas of my body will go numb. the only thing that I find creepy is when my head goes numb in certain area. I mean what ARE they doing to my poor brain? Anyway....

Lately the work has been more "In" our dimension. Here are some examples. This last weekend I could actually see the veins in my hand and wrist pop up as I could feel the veins being accessed. I have witnessed this before as have the people who were with me. But it was not as obvious. First the "pinch" of the needle (or whatever they use) goes in, I flinch and look at the area of my body they are working on, then the vein pops up and becomes very pronounced.  It feels like an IV. 
When I looked down when I felt movement around my legs I could actually see my feet, toes and leg muscles being moved (that's normal) but the new thing was I could see tiny flashing lights and on some areas of my body I could see a row that looked like pixels. Tiny little squares in a line. That was the first time I had been able to see them interacting except for seeing the reactions they created in my body such as movement, depressions, throbbing, veins popping up etc.

So something has changed. either I am becoming more interdimensionsal or my senses are, or they are more "in" our dimension.  
So what do these Beings want? I don't know. I do know they have done a lot of healing on me.  They have removed implants. They have given me protection. It feels like they have done what many people call downloads into my poor overtaxed brain. They have worked on me in some way  almost daily for years now. Sometimes it's horrid, sometimes it's amazing and sometimes it's nice. They have the ability to completely wash away fatigue and make your muscles feel completely renewed if you have been working hard, but they only seem to do this when I do something selfless.

I have confirmed this work is going on with other people, the events are very close to what I experience.   So if you are having symptoms of interaction that is how I believe it works. One suggestion for everyone out there (you naysayers included) be sure and ask for what you want and while doing so be sure and specify that you only want help or healing from service to other Beings.  I believe that a lot of the healing these Beings do is called angelic. Are these Beings angels? I guess you could call them that. I mean a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.....

Later :) 

A Sincere Plea from Greywalkers Everywhere

Since my experiences began I have been on a huge learning curve. About myself about other dimensions and the Beings in those dimensions and most lately about other people like myself. I recently learned what we are called. Greywalkers.

For many years the conflict between those who wish to control and will do anything to have power and those who are about service to others and changing the world for the good has been fought. However slowly one tiny notch at a time the ones who wish to control have been winning. Why? Because they will do anything to win, lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, commit genocide, poison children, rape and  kill with no remorse at all.

However while this war of energy and control over this little blue planet has been going on another group has slowly been emerging one at a time.  Greywalkers. we have been discovering, remembering, finding information and most recently finding each other.  The Dark Side has done everything possible to keep us alone, ignorant and crazy. Those of you who walk with me understand, But despite all of the nasty tricks, manpower and abuse, we continue to step into the light and show ourselves.

Greywalkers are those who are sworn to the light but are not afraid to stand up and challenge the dark. We are the ones who have been through abuse and darkness and come out the other side. We have taken our pain and changed it into resilience  and righteous anger. We are the ones who are in the front, taking the astral bullets and the electronic attacks. We are the ones who are being torn apart because the dark ones control the energy system we call money.

The Cabal has changed it's tactics. No longer are they working to silence people. That creates martyrs. They are attacking in two ways. One is spreading dis-information about those who are standing and won't sit down. The second is by stripping any wealth from those they consider dangerous. How dangerous is the greywalker living on the street? 

Over the last  year the emails, the chatter, the news and the phone calls I have received all tell me one thing, the financial and personal attacks on Greywalkers  have increased by a thousand fold. Convince the public anyone who speaks out with truth is a liar and then cripple the truthteller financially until their will gives out.

Mortgages are called, bank loans are called for no reason, utility bills get lost or the payment does, internet service goes out, phones don't work, computers are hacked on a regular basis, electronic attacks that leave us weakened physically and the harassment goes on and on. The thing is, you won't find a Greywalker who is a whiner or a complainer but all of these things are going on to some of the best people I know.

To those who are launching this attack, I have pity. To use a quote that most are familiar with "You know not what you do". Do you really believe you will be standing when this is all over? You will not.

To those readers and searchers who go from site to site looking for what feels what "right" and what is truth it is time to stop searching and recognize this is not a game. It is the fight to end all fights. At the very least it's a fight to stop the complete control of every soul here and the control of that soul's will. At the very most it's an interdimensional war that could destroy this planet herself and every life on it. 

What is needed now is support.  It is time for people to come together and support each other. That means emotionally, physically, and with cold hard cash.
Write that email and thank the people who have taught you, hit that donation button or better yet attend a class or seminar. If the people on the front line have a business promote it, use it. If they have a book, buy it.
If you are keeping your head low and you and your family under the radar that's ok, we understand, but your support in some way is desperately needed. As someone I call a friend, Randy Maugans from Off Planet radio said "It's time to choose sides folks" and choosing means taking action and supporting those who are fighting the fight in the front lines and being hit hard on every level.

So think on this. I do not have a donation button here.  Our business is listed on the lower right side of this page. If you have a business or your family owns one and you need professional printing done, call me.  If that doesn't apply to you then support other Greywalkers in some way. We can't do it all alone.

Thank you for your time and so much love to all of you,


PS as I was writing this my computer began to signal that I was low on memory. This was the only program open I could NOT have been low on memory. The screen then went completely blank to a black. I waited a few minutes not wanting to lose what I had written. Nothing changed so I hit alt/ctrl/del it then told me my attempted download of some kind of de-bugger was incomplete. This is so typical, In our daily lives those of us who stand in the front are hit over and over with big things and little things on a daily basis. But we are NOT going down without one hell of a fight I hope the powers that WERE are ready...

We are coming.......



Lots to catch up on here!

      I was honored to be the hostess for Miranda Kelly and Duncan  O'Finioan Tulsa workshop. We had a great group of people here. All added something special to the weekend. There were a lot of connections made and the energy was amazing.  
     Hopefully the other people who were here learned as much as I did. My lesson was recognizing my own talents. I always assumed that everyone could do the things that I can do with energy, I was told they cannot.
     I think that is something we all need to do, look deeply into our soul and find and honor the gifts we have. Doing so means we we will be able to give more to this world as the changes happen. To deny them is to deny ourselves and render ourselves inaffective. 
     We had quite a bit of psychic energy going on in the house. A few astral entities were spotted and at least one vortex. We did some circle and crystal work and some self defense work, my ceilings prove it LOL.  We had live music going at one point and everyone pitched in to cook and prep the meals. Gwenny my darling little kind souled Chihuahua welcomed everyone and went from lap to lap to lap. The only downside to the weekend was the Oklahoma heat. It was horrible. 110 in the shade. 
     I hope others with enough room will volunteer their homes for a workship, it was a great experience.   Thanks Duncan and Miranda!! Here is their website if you want more info;

     I also have a  couple of interesting new pictures for you guys. This was taken a month or so again I think? anyway this year for sure. It was a very interesting situation.
     I woke with 2 red marks on the inside of my leg. As always I examined the spots. They seemed identical but I grabbed the magnifying glass to be sure. Yes, identical, perfectly round and red. So I went and grabbed the camera. Started snapping. As I was snapping pictures I felt movement around me.
     As soon as I was done I grabbed the magnifying glass again. One of the spots had changed and was much lighter. I wondered about it then but honestly forgot about it. 
    UNTIL I downloaded the pics. All of them were "normal" except the one. I have never seen anything like it. I am wondering if I caught the interdimensional work in progress. That is my guess since all the pictures were taken within 1 minute or so. So I will post the normal one that came out the best and the second one that turned out so oddly. Same angle but wow a lot of difference.

The second picture was interesting also. I had the same thing happen. I had a feeling I was marked again. Interesting marks, they stopped exactly at my jawline and then spread and tapered down to nothing on my neck. Most of the time I don't even bother looking I'm marked so often but it had been awhile since I posted any new pics. So out came the black light and camera. Now it's important to note that this happened very quickly. I made the choice to check my self and take some pics and was done within 3-4 minutes. After the picture was done I checked myself again and the marking were gone. That is the first time that has happened. I am wondering why in both of there last picture sessions there was an attempt to erase the marks. That is a completely new behavior from "Them" . So the pics will be listed below or above or some damn where, I can barely figure out how to post anything, I'm a techy flunky.

I also have an apology to make.  For those who are not involved in the fringe areas I need to begin with an explanation. When I began my blog years ago now I had no idea the level of surveillance/harrassment I would be subject to. I began my blog because I could not find experiences like my own on the web. Now I know why. I believe a lot of people may have begun to tell their story then backed off as the interference began. 
      Over the years  there have been many many times when I could have decided that I was being watched. listened to, harrassed and followed. However I tend to discount these events if they are not very very consistant and observable by others. Even discounting at least 2/3 of my experiences I have had the following happen.
     I    have been followed for at least 150 miles by numerous unmarked identical vehicles who refused to allow me to pass and harrassed me in every way possible without doing me actual injury. All were driven by military type men.
I have repeatedly had emails marked read when I have not read them,
have had google report my account was open in a remote location,
had email accounts closed if I changed the password several times,
had emails disapear and appear. 
I have been recorded during a private conversation in a remote location and had the recording left on my voicemail.
I have had my phone ring if I leave the house with anyone else but my husband in their car, I assume my old phone could not track me and they needed a location. A weird recording would come on with a woman speaking in a language I did not know. I called the number it came from was told it was not  working number then googled the number and all I got was that other people had experienced the same thing.  
Have come home to find my house unlocked and things obviously moved but no damage done.

and as is pertinent to this apology I have had things on my webpage appear and disapear and reappear again.

  I could go on and on. Ask anyone who is publically involved in the fringe areas and you will her the same story.

     Ok that said, here is my apology. I don't look at my webpage much. If I have something to post I do so. I don't LOOK at it. Kinda like the odd room in your house, it's there you know what's in it and you don't think much about it.  Well that was a big mistake. Somewhere along the line my page was changed, the email listed which I had as was changed to an address that I cannot get to function. I have been fighting with it for over 3 days, it locks up as soon as I open it.  So...

  IF you have emailed me and I have not responded that is why! So if you still want to exchange some email please resend to  I didn't make the mistake it was done for me, however I should have been more careful about checking things. So I am sorry. I have not meant to ignore anyone and did not do so on purpose and I cannot get to your email if you used

Now to try and post pics..... here we go! 



Hello and Welcome Off Planet Radio Listeners!

Thanks for stopping by!  As I began doing some basic prep work for my interview with Randy I discovered something. I have missing blog posts!! Important posts,  just GONE!
Now where they went I do not know. I know I wrote them, I know I posted them. Did they just disapear into cyber land? Did I erase them and not remember it? (possible but not probable), were they erased on purpose? I honestly don't know. What I do know is the removal of them has left holes in my story.

I have not decided if I will be working to fill them in, in the meanwhile I decided a time line might be helpful to those who will be hearing part of the story this week (two hours won't handle even a fraction of what has happened to me).

My first remembered experience  with other life forms was in the 90s. It is the oldest post on the blog. It was an egg removal procedure. I woke on the table.  It left me frightened, confused and with an attitude of complete avoidance of anything to do with ETs/UFOs. I think one of two things happen after such an experience, either the person dives into the topic head first guns blazing or they do the opposite, complete avoidance. Avoidance was my choice until 2009. Then the current saga began.

I do believe in hindsight I was being "used" during the years inbetween. False pregnancies, becoming horribly ill for no reason then the malady simply disapearing and other indicators were there. I just did not have the frame of reference to see what those experiences really were.

In 2009 the nightmare began, well I wish it had been a nightmare I guess I should say the "Hell" began.   I was led (Isn't it amazing how things happen when they are supposed to?) to a local mufon group. Met a wonderful lady who is still a good friend and discovered I was being marked. The floursescent markings were appearing overnight.

I began to keep records. As I look back I think it was the record keeping that led to the violent reaction  I received from my .... hmmmm... my what? abusers? No. Um.... captors? no....... ok, from those with a vested interest in me. That works.

The more I recorded, the more I took photos the more I documented the more aggressive the actions against me were. What I didn't know at the time was that my being able to record all this, examine myself  every morning, take physical samples  and remember things was very rare. I assumed everyone could do these things. I later learned most people cannot.

I went through months  of physical agony. Things touching me when no one was there, I could feel needles, operations, bones being broken and then I began waking up so raped I could not physically walk upright in the morning. As I look back I believe "they" (I did not know at that point who "they" were) were trying to basically make me so unstable I would stop my recording and searching for answers. Now it might have worked except for a few things. One, I had the markings, two they left scars, and three myself and others could actually see my flesh move beneith unseen fingers and instruments when the torture was going on. My friends and family could actually see the flesh and muscles be manipulated as the worked.  The one thing I had going for me was they could not hold me frozen. I did everything in my power to fight back, I used astral energy against them, I tried physical barriers, I tried mental barriers, energy force fields I created around myself nothing helped.

I spent 3-5 months basically flat on my back with unreal torture going on and as it went on, I got angrier and angrier.     

Then one morning  I woke and I had had enough, something in me snapped. I woke and got up and screamed at the top of my lungs I had had enough, that they could NOT Beat me down and informed the cosmos that any Being who harmed me from that point onward was going to feel the full fury of my wrath.

That night I awoke in my energy body  laying beside a reptilian Being on a bed with 2 greys mentally  holding me down. I broke lose and attacked, I tried to kill the bastard with my bare hands, then I was back in my physcial body feeling the reptilian slam my energy body's head into a wall, I laughed and taunted him. Suddenly my energy body came back, I was whole, elated and triumphant. I had recognized the whole setup, this was where I had been raped over and over.. I was never raped again.  

The other torture continued however and even stepped up in pain and abuse. I finally determined that my ethic/energy body was being removed  for hours at a time each day leaving me very ill and weak for the duration. I learned to recognize the feeling when it happened. It was like a vacuum, an energy vacumm was placed over the top of me and my energy was simply removed. I fought, I fought like a crazed animal but no matter how hard I tried the technolgy was too much for me. I could not hold against it.

As this was going on I experienced direct contact with another reptilian entity. Again my consciousness woke in my energy body. I was strapped in chair and undergoing electrical shocks. Suffice to say I now know what a silent scream is.  

After weeks/months of this, I don't know how long, I was drained, exhausted and thinking perhaps it was time for me to leave this matrix. Each day 24/7 was full of nothing but terrible pain. I had NO answers. I had contacted every expert I could find, most responded and knew nothing. How long could I continue to fight? I didn't know.

Then one night it began for the 3rd time that day, the upward pull which meant more throwing up, complete weakness, not even being able to keep water down and the headache that felt like your head was exploding. I began to fight and fight hard and something in me gave.

Now all through this I had asked for help, help from any Service to Others Being.   If I had gottten an answer or any help I mised it.  I just sat in my chair and said outloud that I had done everything I could, that I didn't have the technology or strength to stop this so I was giving it over to the cosmos and if any service to others being could help me I would appreciate it.

That's when the "good guys" showed up, or perhaps made themselves known.   They stopped the extraction of my energy body that day and from then on.  At first I was too injured in many ways to accept that the Beings who showed up to help me were the "good guys" but over the last couple of years I have decided they are truly that, the "good guys".  It has been a long hard road to get to that trust.  They have put up with an amazing amount as I have tested them in every way I could imagine.

The reptilian harrassment continued in different ways for awhile. But it was stuff I could deal with.  When it was obvious they had failed to break my will they made a last effort and tried to bribe me to "join" them (aka give over my will). Obviously I refused.

I have had contact with the good guys for a couple, well going on 3 years  now. It's limitedto my asking yes or no questions and getting a yes, no or neutral but it is very consistant. I would not have believed it was real but other people have physically experienced them also. Their touch is electrical and they will show themselves by touch if I ask them to to other people. It's amazing to watch when they touch others, the person just lights up  and is amazed, it always make me smile. They have also corrected health issues for me and actually erased large scars, again something confirmed by other people.

So there is my story in a nutshell. I have spent the last years trying to help other people through different types of contact and the reality changes that go with it all and trying to adjust my matrix programming as I go along. It's been good and bad but at least I made it through.  

My name is Dana. In 2009 I began a journey down a path that I am still following. It began with a MUFON meeting and my becoming aquainted with a woman who I now consider a dear friend who lives in a nearby town. After telling her my history she suggested I purchase a blacklight and begin to check myself each morning for marks. Sure enough she was correct and I was marked.

That's when I began researching the entire field of UFOs, ETs, and all things related. As soon as my research began the experiences escalated. I began to take samples, pictures and began my blog as a  recording of the things that were happening to me and my family physically , mentally and emotionally.

The one thing I have discovered on this journey is that there are very few researchers in this field who are available, truthful, kind and are on a true search for the truth. Most have one area of "expertise" and that is where they derive their income from and they will not deviate from that road. Since I began I have been looking for a community of people who are everything the "experts" I have encountered are not, either it doesn't exist or I have not looked in the right place. That is what this page and the features on it are meant to be. A  place for like minded peple who have experienced extraordinary things to meet and share. 

So be welcome, if you have something to add or share send it to me. Soon the forums will be up and running and will give people a safe place to dicuss their experiences. 

Below is my latest blog post. To follow my journey of the last few years through missing time, entities appearing and disappearing,  those who have been observing me, humans and non-humans and much more begin with the archives listed below on the right.

Please forgive the typos, spelling and grammar errors in my blog posts. I have found if I go back to correct  them I end up changing the post and I feel posts should be left alone as they show the actual evolution of events that occured.

 I would like to thank a friend who allowed me to use the picture of the grey that is on the right side of this page. This was taken in a flat in th UK. It appeared one day with no warning and stayed on the wall for about 30 minutes then simply disapeared. This is what experience tells me is a benevolent grey. The more humanoid features and the mottling on the head are quite different from the sleek, smooth and pointed features of the negative greys who accompany the reptilians.


Over and over I hear people claim to "be" a reptilian or claim that people are shapeshifting physically into  a reptilian form. It's time for those who have an interest in this subject to understand how this all works.
First, humans do NOT shapeshift. It is impossible for a human body to rearrange it's atoms and become another type of physical mammal or reptilian. It cannot and does not happen.
The word shapeshift has been used over the years because people have seen a change in what appears to be the physical form of other humans. So how does this happen?

Each human has at least three parts to them; the physical body, which is what we use as a conduit to access this reality. the nergy or astral body which is an energy field that is an expanded duplicate of our physical body and the soul which can take any form and includes  our consciousness.

The interdimensional reptilian entities cannot access this reality in the physical without a conduit. (see note at bottom about physical reptilians). That conduit is a physical body, a human body. So how does this part work?

There are several ways a reptilian can access or use a human body. One way is a human with compatible DNA. There are certain humans with genetics that make them more easily accessible by the reptilians, these genetic families are called bloodline families. It is commonly believed that many eons ago the reptilians manipulated our DNA and in doing so created a human bloodline that was accessable to them. These human were either already in positions of power or manipulated their way up to positions of power. If you look at the history of the world you will see royalty intermarrying with other royalty. This was done on purpose to keep the bloodlines compatible for reptilian use. There are many many people all over the world who carry DNA  and bloodlines that make them useable by the reptilian entities.   

The second way is access through the energy/vibration of the human. People who live in a state of negativity, fear, anger, violence, aggression and or abuse of drugs or sex are creating an energy within their body that is compatible with the reptilian energy (which is based on many of these traits) Just as humans draw to them other people who have similar energy to theirs other Beings do also.

The third way is the most complicated. It may be a combination of the above two. It is created by the reptilian and encludes the reptilian entity targeting a human who is not quite compatible, usually a bloodliner who is not pure enough in lineage  to be directly accessed. The reptilian then begins the grooming or manipulation of the person to change their energy enough that they may become a useful conduit. This many times begins with the dream world, mental manipulation or physical illness/torture. Once the reptilian has found or manipulated a human into the range of compatible he will do one of the following;

1) Ride-along. This means that for large periods of time the reptilian will actually hop into the human energy field and ride along with the human in the human body. When this happens the degree of control reptilian has is quite varied. It depends completely on the   individual human nd how much control they have over their thoughts or actions. A very self controlled person who chooses each thought, action and reaction will allow the ride-along reptilian very little control. If the person who is "hosting" the reptilian acts only with love, kindness and similar thoughts/actions/reactions and has a high vibrational rate the reptilian will be very limited in what control he can establish and how long he may reside within such an incompatible (energy and will wise) human.  However if the person is weak willed and has a negative nature and personality such ride-alongs tend to allow the reptilian more and more control.

2) Attempt to take over the Human completely. Begin to invade the human in total, this means as attack from one or all sides. the dreamscape may be first to be invaded with amazing sexual dreams (the norm for women who are wanted for astral/interdimensional sex, this turns into torture later) or amazing sex dreams that begin well but then turn into nightmares with the sex partner in the dream turning into something repulsive (usually done to me, this is the beginning of impotence and a change in attitude, energy towards the negative reptilian attitudes). The other common invasion technics are the reptilians projecting thoughts into the mind at random times and sudden angry energy bursts/transfers that result in bursts of anger form the person. Again these are attempts to change the basic vibrational energy of the human to allow the reptilain access. 

Humans may block the reptilian interference at this point by recognizing what is happening. A choice on the soul level not to accept the dreams, thoughts or energy is paramount at this time. Absolute refusal to bend in any way to these manipulations in needed. If the human becomes involved with the reptilian knowingly (such as a sexual relationaship in the dreamscape) or unknowingly (such as the allowing the violent thoughts and lower base energy to override the personality) then it can be very hard to end the invasion. These are examples of the "entry level" techniches used by the reptilians they rarely give up easily but one inbedded and encouraged they can be very very difficult to get rid of.   

For those people who accept the dreamscape fantasies and or allow the negative personality traits and energy to take over there will be a progression in manipulation until the will is taken over. When this occurs one of two things may happen. There may be a "pssession" in which the reptilain completely controls the human's three aspects; physical body, energy and will. When this occurs the human is no more than a puppet being controlled by the reptilian. There is not enough information at this point to know if the human energy body is replaced by the reptilian energy body or they coexist. It may be an either or situation. The other possibility is that the human energy body and soul are removed (with technology) and the physical body is inhabited by the reptilian energy body and essense (soul) full time. The many reports of negative rituall energy manipulation seem to indicate that in order for the reptilian to remain in the human body shell there must be certain energy consumed by the human suit wearing reptilian entitiy. This would explain the blood and sex rituals which are done by the elite families and those in power. It is not about the physical act of sex or the physical use of blood but about the energy extracted during those rituals. This energy allows the reptilian to remain in the human body.

So back to shapeshifting, what does actual happen when a person sees another change form?

Humans have a very limited access to the worlds and dimensions around them. Most people only see and experience a small amount of what is happening around them. Much of what happens is not within the parameters of what our physical body can interact with, it's not within our visual light spectrum which is very very small. Some people however can see more than others can. Think of a radio station when it's on the correct numbers it comes in loud and clear however if it's slightly off the dial you may hear other stations.  Some people can move their perception slightly off the station (or are that way all the time) and pick up NONvisable light or spectums. These people may be able to control their perception, it may be there all the time or only once in a lifetime, but when a person can see into the energy fields usually hidden they will see things the way they really are. This includes seeing certain reptilian traits when a reptilian is inhabitting a human body. When a reptilian is under great stress or great emotion they seem to have the tendency to push their true energy body forward.  When this happens it may become visable to certain people.

There is no shapeshifting, no physical change. It is the energy body being recognized within the human form. This same phenomina happens many times with humans also. During times of great emotion  people are seen to exibit different energy when the human energy field comes forward. Think of the glow of the prgnant woman, how a person who is very angry gets bigger or how during times of great spiiritual ecstasy people have been seen with halos or they seem to glow with white light. It is the same thing.

So are people reptilians? Nope. They may have the bloodlines that make them an easy target but a human is a human. They may have a reptilian riding along or their body may have actually been taken over by a reptilian  entity but even if that is so there is no physical shapeshifting.

The other question I see asked is "Are there "good" reptilians?" I do not believe so, however many people do. I believe these creatures can act as though they are benevolent however in my opinion it is a ruse.

So beware, do your own research from far away if you wish. These are not Beings to toy with, you do not want to meet them. Keep yourself positive and feel compassion for others, if you want to live in a kind world then be kind, it will help protect you and will change the world bit by bit each day.


Blog posts May 2012

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What's a blacklight and why should I have one?

Getting lots of requests to know what a blacklight is and why you should use one.

The correct type to buy is inexpensive. You want the type that teenagers use over their posters to make them glow. Walmart has them for about 10 dollars.

 A blacklight lets you see the markings that the ETs/IDs/greys leave. (InterDimensionals). They are flourescent in color and are usually blue, green, yellow or white. The blue is the most common and will show up most frequently on the areas where you would be carried by turned by another person. Hips, upper arms, calves/shoulders.

These markings will stay on you for several days. they seem to penetrate the outer skin and have to wear off.

There are a few products that will test positive. Some face creams will, aspercream and sunscreen will also. Any time a large area shows positive it is suspect. The real markings are usually spotty and don't cover whole areas.

To test yourself; strip off all the clothes, plug in the blacklight and then kill the lights. You should also have a hand mirror to check the back of you and the neither regions.

I also suggest you check the areas around your bed and bedroom. Sheets many times will show markings that are invisable to the eye. They show up blackish red.

It's also easy to test children if you make it a game.

Scars will also show up with this light that you did not know you had so make notes of what shows up with the light scar wise so you will know when a new one happens.

Using one of these lights is a good way to narrow down encounters you have had. If you have memories and no markings at all then the encounters may be from a different source like astral spirits or ancestors.

I will have some of my black light pics (boy I have a bunch) up on facebook soon.

My Interview on Off Planet Radio

I recently discovered an amazing collection of interviews by Randy Maugins on Off Planet Radio/Exotica Radio. He is an incredible hoast, kind, deep and really in the loop on things that are going on. Here is a link to the archives. You can listen or download the shows.

My interview with him is on this page, it's primarily about the reptilian influence.  

Rockefeller Report?

I received this from a friend yesterday  and was amazed to see the following this coming true since I received it. The floating cities have been announced,there was a news release on the flu being carried by wild birds and the artificial limbs advancements were announced last week.
It looks like 3 timelines being described to me. FUTURE TIMELINES!! 
Here is the link, I suggest you download it, it may disapear.

Signs of Interaction with ETs or IDs

Here are lists of signs of interaction for
three groups. They do overlap in many
areas. The most important thing to
remember is to try to lose the fear of
any of these experiences, detach
yourself from the situation and try
to look at the whole thing from a
logical and scientific view. Take
pictures, take samples and keep
a log of your experiences. One
of the traits of these experiences
is that they disappear from memory
very very quickly so something you
believe you will never forget is simply
gone from your memory within days.

 Reptilian Interaction
I have limited this list to the things
ONLY the reptilians are responsible
for. They may be accompanied by
the STS (service to self) greys but
the STS greys may interact with
people without the reptilian presence.
1) Intense headaches(implant headaches)
with a source point within the sinuses
(These will be so bad the person is
unable to do anything but lie very still)
2) High Pitched, very loud noises in
one or both ears, this will stay on one
pitch and be consistent for a minute
or more
3) Waking with obvious physical
4) Sexual injury(ies) upon waking.
5) Severe deep bone pain during the
waking hours that is not effected by
6) A sudden feeling of being very very
weak, nauseous, sudden need to empty
the bowels or any combination of these
three things.. The person may throw up
anything in the stomach with excess
amounts of bile and then will simply need
to lie down. Sometimes the feelings
and the person is semi-functional
 but remains weak and cannot keep food or
many times liquid down. This may last
for a short period or for many many hours.
7) Changes in the person's dreamscape.
Sexual/romantic dream characters may
morph into the opposite sex or into a
Reptilians may appear and
 threaten or coerce.
 Familiar people may behave in
unlikely ways and encourage negative
actions. Repeating dreams should be
considered suspect if they are out of
character for the dreamer.
8) Reptilians usually appear in the same
basic form consistently to a person,
seeing varied types may indicate the
person is dealing with the STS grey
9) Assaults where the victim can feel
the attacker but not see them. The
victims body may move beneath unseen
hands, the attacks may be general or
sexual in nature
10) Amazingly enticing sexual dreams
that feel very real along with extensive
conversations within the dream state,
a relationship beginning between the
victim and the reptilian that continues
for days, months or even years.
11) Direct thoughts/conversation being
received telepathically.

  Greys (Service to self or "negatives")
1) Luminescent marks that can be seen
with a black light such as those used for
teen's black light posters anywhere on
the body. (False readings can be caused
by some cosmetics and lotions so keep
2) A disgusting odor. Sometimes described
as sulfur or excretement.
3) Triangles, dots or other marks on the
skin that appear overnight.
4) Screen memories such as seeing
animals with large eyes peering in the
window or other odd memories that do
not fit within the normal life
5) Headaches with a point of origin in the
face, will be much less severe than the
debilitating headaches caused by the
6) Being frozen and feeling a malevolent
presence upon waking or falling asleep.
Greys (Service to others or positives)
1) Unexplained Healing that occurs
overnight or gradually over weeks.
2) Scars appearing or disappearing.
3) Situations in which a person's thoughts
seem to be acted upon when those
thoughts are about helping others.
Occurrences range from receiving money
from an unlikely source to help another
person to all physical pain being
removed and the
 person being completely
refreshed. These occurrences happen
only after an unrealized need or want is
expressed in some way. Such as a person
wishing they could go and help someone
else with a need.
4) Any discomfort caused by these Beings
is removed or diminished upon request. .
5) Experiencing of being "frozen" with no
feeling of evil.
6) Parts of the physical body going numb.
7) Feeling of movement around the person's
8) Sounds of work being done, hospital
noises such as machines, tubes being
breathing sounds change accompanied
 many times by a tickling feeling around
 the nose especially.
9) Hearing a high pitched sound for a few
seconds, it is not as loud or as high
as the reptilian sound.
10) Very intense heat in a localized and
defined area of the body such as the back
or sinuses/nose, the breath may become
hot enough to create a burning feeling on
the upper lip.
11) The body being moved in a semi-jerking
motion without any accompanying muscle
12) A feeling of floating slightly above
13) Breathing sounds change accompanied
many times by a tickling feeling especially
around the nose.
Neutral signs of interaction

with an interdimensional Being or species.
These are general signs of contact and may
appear during any type of interaction.
1) Physical marks upon waking, including
scoop scars, or scars disappearing.
2) Becoming suddenly tired and needing to
lie down and sleep suddenly.
3) Lights seen in your room usually at night,
usually in the blue or white color ranges,
advanced illuminati energy interactions
red/gold/black rather than the blue
 green range.
4) Lights seen behind closed eyes as you
go to sleep
5) Seeing shadows that move purposely
6) Hearing voices or music that are just
out of range
7) Feelings that you have had information
downloaded into body or brain
8) Missing time
9) Being "frozen"
10) Feeling objects around move such
as blankets or the bed
11) Bed or couch movement
12) Feeling of being touched or
movement around the person's body,
it's a slightly electrical feeling
13) Seeing movements out of the
corner of your eye
14) Seeing orbs or actual Beings
15) Feeling a Being or multiple Beings
moving about on the bed or couch
16) Feeling sharp unexplained pain
(ask for it to be Numbed if it is a STO
Being the pain will stop or decrease
17) A feeling of restricted breathing
(work being done)
18) A feeling as if something has
impacted the person's body, like a
falling object but nothing is there
19) Pets and or small children
reacting to something that "isn't there"
20) Flashes of light appearing in
living areas of home
21) Dreams, flashbacks or memories
of being onboard a ship

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