Welcome to UFOchick!!

Storm2 Welcome to UFOchick!

This is a site and a small community for people like me who have experienced some type of interaction with ETs, IDs, UFOs or the paranormal. When my experiences very first began there was no where to turn. Many years later when they began again there was still very limited information available  for the things I was experiencing.


So in 2009 I began a blog. It was just an online journal. I made it public and hoped it would help other people to feel not as alone. Since then I have corresponded with many many people, spoke with a few on the telephone and even met a few more. The several  things all people who have these experiences share is that they are very intelligent, very strong and like to compare experiences. So I have created a place for people to do that. So far everyone is being kinda shy but we will get there.


In 2012 I changed from the blog format to a webpage format then more recently have been gathering people to begin a real online  community. So this site is here for those of you who are experiencers. Look around read what looks interesting and take what you will from here. Please if you would enjoy swapping stories and being around other people who have been through similar things join our site.  For more information on the community click the tab “why join us”. If you would like to corrispond with me via email please use dana@ufochick.com.


Love and Light to You


 Things to do on UFOchick.

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